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Diffrence Between Automatic And Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers

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January 23, 2021
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Diffrence Between Automatic And Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers

A biochemistry analyzer is an instrument that uses serum of centrifuged blood sample or a urine sample and induces reactions using reagent to measure different components like sugar, cholesterol, protein, enzyme, etc. 

This machine enables the diagnosis of diseases and the cause of the issues and symptoms in the human body. There can be different variants of the analyzer, each needs to be studied and to recognize the level of automation required of the analyzer. 

There are normally two types of biochemistry analyzers in India: 

Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers in India: 

A semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer has two types of measurement methods: Optic techniques and electrochemical techniques. Semi-automatic analyzers like Erba Biochemistry Analyzer in India are more practical for use in smaller laboratories and medical practices than that of fully-automatic analyzers. This is because it can handle a smaller number of samples at a time.

The samples here are not prepared and stored but set up separately each time the test is conducted. Though this slows the process but has a great benefit as it can provide tremendous flexibility when a different type of test needs different reagents. 

A semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer follows colorimetry, photometry, and absorbance principles for working under optical techniques.

Key features:

  • Flow cell and cuvette modes to ensure all types of testing progress,
  • Onboard reaction curve for monitoring results of different parameters, 
  • Multiple filters for different parameters, 
  • The simple user interface,
  • Auto-save functions,
  • Storage of up to 10000 test results,
  • Print and store methods for results and report generation

Fully-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers in India:

A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer carries out all the necessary testing without any human interference. This machine improves the overall analysis efficiency and time cycle as well. A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer ensures that the work is done completely by the machine while producing effective and accurate results.

A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer like Erba Chem 5x Biochemistry Analyzer measures the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, or even drugs in the sample of blood, serum, plasma, or other body fluids.

The entire test once completed, produces the reports with the precise diagnosis with a printer or on-screen display. 

Key Features:

  • Random access to reports and direct result reading on-screen,
  • User-friendly,
  • Automatic washing process 
  • System packs improve result reliability,
  • Instant cooling system,
  • Independent reagent and sample mixing system,
  • Low water consumption, 
  • Work with the combination of windows OS with the latest version.

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzers and fully automatic Biochemistry Analyzers both are very reliable and have their own set of features and performing styles. These both are designed for particular sized laboratories with the specification over the analyzing system.

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