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Product Details on Rayto Biochemistry Analyzer in India , Erba Chem 7 Biochemistry Analyzer 7, Horiba Hematology Analyzer

Features and Specifications of Mindray Cell Counter in India
September 16, 2021

Product Details on Rayto Biochemistry Analyzer in India , Erba Chem 7 Biochemistry Analyzer 7, Horiba Hematology Analyzer

Biochemistry and hematology analyzer are designed purely out of medical needs of prevailing accurate sample testing. There are simply two types of categories in devices which are dependent on the need of the laboratories especially the size and no. of testing samples which are: fully automatic analyzers and semi-automatic analyzers. 

Rayto Biochemistry Analyzer in India

Product Specification 

Assays – Electrolyte

Test Method – Fixed-time, Kinetic, Endpoint 

Flow Cell – Glass 

Types of System – Open 

Product Description 


–      Large color LCD with adjustable screen.

–      Easy windows operation system with a USB mouse.

–      West guard Multi-rule, 3 kinds of QC level. 

  • Ability to perform all types of photometric chemistry analysis
  • Flow cell +cuvette system 
  • Windows-based operating system and user-friendly software features
  • Mouse based operations 
  • Real-time online graphics on the color screen 
  • Lamp saving features
  • 160 methods with good storage 

Erba Chem 7 Biochemistry Analyzer in India

Product Specification 

Automation – Fully Automatic 

Operating Temperature – 20 – 35 Degree C

Humidity – 30 – 85% 

Analysis method – End-point, 2 Kinetics, Fixed-time 

Test Mode – Fixed-time, Kinetic, End-point, Factor, Multi-standards, Bi-chromatic

System Type – Open 

Voltage – 110-240V

Horiba Hematology Analyzer in India

Product specification

Differential type – 3-part

Automation – semi-automatic

No, of parameters – LYM

Chambers – Double

Operation Mode – Automatic

Dimension – 16.9 × 14.2 × 14.2 inches

Frequency – 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Reagent onboard stability – 48 hours post-draw

Throughput – 50 to 60 tests per hour

Voltage – 100 V – 240 V

Operating sample mode – Open tube or closed tube

Product description

  • Integrated bar code reader
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data transfer with the USB key
  • Unique reagent pack system

All the above-mentioned features of each product are reliable and are specifically designed for comparative tests by technology and the high demand of the market. 

Biochemistry analyzers are useful and are user-friendly with comparative technology and modification following the medical sector needed.

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