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Semi Auto Analyzer

Semi-Auto Analyzer: PACE-28

A high-quality analyzer to address your workload of Clinical Biochemistry parameters.

  1. Keypad with 48 Direct Access Keys and additional 200 Open Test programs.
  2. Effective temperature regulation system and in-built 7 position incubator.
  3. Open System for all reagents usability
  4. Minimum sipping volume 350 ul
  5. High Quality Filters with Life expectancy of 5 years
  6. Good Quality Halogen Lamp with lamp saving mode.
  7. Good Quality Pump Tubing with long life
  8. Has very high quality optics
  9. Self-diagnostics
  10. European make Filters and Peristaltic Pump having long life.
  11. Fit and use lamp module. No need of engineer to adjust lamp position.