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Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer 5 Part

Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer: PKL PPC 125

State of Art Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer with a maximum throughput of 200 photometric tests/hour.

  1. Small foot print to eliminate space constraint.
  2. Onboard 40 positions reagent tray of 20 ml/5ml bottles for R1/R2.
  3. Onboard reagent cooling for longer open reagent stability.
  4. 40positions sample tray.
  5. Sample volume of 2-50 µl (adjustable in 0.1 µlstep).
  6. Variable speed paddle mixer for better accuracy.]
  7. Vertical obstructiondetection and Capacitance based liquid levelsensing
  8. Onboard 7 steps washing to avoid carryover.
  9. Sturdy photometric unit having Multiple wavelength, Maintenance free sealed filters with fiber.
  10. 9 wavelengths340,405,450,510,546,578,620,660,690
  11. Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp (12V 20 W) cooled with air.
  12. Auto re-run with sample dilution for greater than linearity samples.
  13. Data storage of Test results:1,000,000